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  Mohammad Farivar, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.G.
886 Washington Street
Norwood, MA 02062
  TEL: 781-769-3200
FAX: 781-769-7797
  Associate Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine  
  Lecturer on Medicine, Harvard Medical School  
    Licensure and Certification:  
  Missouri Medical Licensure  
  Illinois Medical Licensure  
  Michigan Medical Licensure  
  Ohio Medical Licensure  
  Certified, Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine  
  Massachusetts Medical Licensure  
  Certified, Gastroenterology, American Board of Internal Medicine  
  California Medical Licensure  
  Hospital or Affiliated Institution Appointments:  
- present Active Staff, Steward Norwood Hospital, Norwood, MA  
- 1988 Active Staff, Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Attleboro, MA
- 1988 Active Staff, Pondville and Southwood Community Hospital, Norfolk, MA  
- 1996 Consulting Staff, Westwood Lodge Hospital, Westwood, MA  
- 2001 Associate Staff & Consultant in Gastroenterology, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA  
  Consultant in Gastroenterology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center  
  Associate Staff, VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA  
  Associate Staff, Beth Israel Deaconess, West Campus, Needham, MA  
  Affiliate Staff, Gastroenterology Division, Brigham & Women's Hospital  
  Co-founder, Eastern Mass Surgi Center, Norwood, MA  
  Major Administrative Responsibilities:  
- 1984 Director, Quality Assurance Department, Norwood Hospital  
- 1985 Secretary of Medical Staff, Member Board of Directors, Norwood Hospital  
- 1995 Chief, Gastroenterology Department & Director Gastrointestinal Endoscopy  
  Major Committee Assignments:  
- 1980 Member, Patient Care Assessment Committee, Norwood Hospital, Norwood, MA  
- 1985 Member, Credential and Ethics Committee, Norwood Hospital  
- 1982 Member, Executive Committee, Norwood Hospital  
- 1983 Chairman, Evaluation of Patient Care Committee, Norwood Hospital  
  Member, Board of Directors, Southeastern Massachusetts Professional Standards Review Organization, Inc. (SEMPRO)  
- 1986 Member, Board of Trustees, Southwood Community Hospital  
- 1989 Member and chairman, Nominating Committee, Norwood Hospital  
  Member, International Medical Graduates Committee of Massachusetts Medical Society  
- 1996 Member, Education Committee, Norwood Hospital 1990-1995  
  Chairman, New Technology & Development Committee, Norwood Hospital  
- 1999 Chairman, Nominating Committee, Norwood Hospital  
    Professional Societies:  
  Massachusetts Medical Society Member  
  American Medical Association, Member  
  American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Member  
  American College of Physicians, Fellow  
  American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Member  
  American College of Gastroenterology, Fellow  
  New England Endoscopy Society, Member  
- 1998 New York Academy of Sciences, Member  
- 1999 Iranian American Medical Association, Member  
    Community Services:  
  President and Founder, Earthquake Relief Fund for Orphans (  
  Member, National Board of Directors, U.S. Inter-religious Committee for Peace  
  Consultant, Board of Trustees, Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA)  
  Member, Board of Trustees, Boston International Foundation for Medical Education  
  Member, Andover-Harvard Theological Library Committee, Harvard Divinity School  
- 2010 Founder and Web Master of, a non-profit web site dedicated to providing useful information to the patients suffering from GERD and physicians who care for them.
  Member, Steering Committee, The Inter-religious Center on Public Life, Andover-Newton Theological School and Hebrew College, Brookline, MA  
  Honoree of the Year, Iranian American Medical Association. For contribution to the advancement of medical knowledge and IAMA goals, Chicago, IL, May 26  
- 2004 General Secretary, Iranian American Medical Association  
  Founder Baharan Homes for orphans and street children, now Negin homes
  Recipient of 2004 Humanitarian Award, Columbia University Center for Iranian
Studies, New York, NY
  Speaker for United Nations, on crime prevention at the times of natural disaster,
in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2005 published in special UN book.
  Co-Founder, Network of Iranians for Knowledge and Innovation (  
  Regional, National, & International Contributions Invited Presentations
  Beneficial Effect of Insulin and Glucagon on Fulminant Murine Hepatitis. Presented at the AGA plenary session, Miami, FL  
  Efficacy of Colonoscopy in Acute Rectal Bleeding. Presented at the ASGE plenary session: Chicago, IL  
  Contact Laser Surgery and Endoscopy: Workshop in General Surgery/GI Endoscopy, Tutor and lecturer, Atlanta, Georgia  
  Contact Laser Surgery and Endoscopy: Workshop in General Surgery/GI Endoscopy, Tutor and lecturer, Houston, Texas  
  Endoscopic Laser Surgery, Participant and Lecturer, in the Physicians’ Forum, Sponsored by Medical University of South Carolina, Granada, Spain  
  Clinical Endoscopic and Pathologic Manifestations of Bile Reflux Esophagitis. Presented at the New England Endoscopy Society meeting, Cambridge, MA  
  Nd-YAG Laser Surgery and Endoscopy in Gastroenterology: Hands-on Tutor and lecturer, St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, Connecticut  
  Colorectal Cancer diagnosis and management, Organized, Directed and lectured a weekend CME seminar, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, and faculties from Dana Farber, MGH at the Norwood Hospital, Norwood, MA  
- 2006 National and Local speaker for TAP, Astra Zeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Schering, etc. I have give close to 45 lectures for physicians including GI, PCPs, internal medicine and surgery groups in several MA Hospitals, Cape Cod, RI, CT and PA.  
  The Role of H2 blockers in GERD, Speaker in an educational symposium sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline for PCPs, IM, and GI. MDs, Pittsburg, PA  
  Endoscopic Evaluation of Common GI Disorder , Speaker and moderator in a CME course for physicians,. Symposium sponsored by Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Meadowlands, New Jersey  
  Speaker, Innovations in Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. A joint seminar given by Harvard and Boston University Medical School Faculty members, Boston, MA  
  Internal Medicine Specialty Program CME course, Moderator and speaker, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Chicago, IL  
  The Role of Colonoscopy in the Diagnosis of Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis. Speaker and Moderator, CME. Review in General and Specialty Medicine. Sponsored by Montefiore Medical Center, Washington, DC  
- 1996 American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy teacher for advanced endoscopic training 1994-1996 (one of two in Mass), tutored, supervised and certified several gastroenterologists and surgeons in advanced endoscopic procedures, including diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP.

  Organizer, Moderator and speaker of two week CME courses at Mashhad and Kerman.
In each university, I gave one grand round for general medical audiences attending CME courses, and one or two GI grand round for GI faculty, fellows, residents and medical students rotating through GI service. In addition, every day workshops were held performing procedures on patients previously scheduled, attending morning reports with the faculty and students, making rounds with the staff and discussing hospitalized patients. I have followed this format for every participant during subsequent annual scientific meetings of US physician to Iranian medical schools and university hospitals.
-General grand round: GERD, an update in diagnosis and treatment
-Special GI grand round: Endoscopy findings in patients with intractable GERD and extraesophageal GERD symptoms

  Organizer, Moderator and speaker of two week CME course at Mashhad, Tabriz and Kerman University Medical Schools in Iran
-General grand round: Helicobacter pylori, Peptic ulcer disease and gastric malignancies
-GI grand round: H. pylori and genetic polymorphism
-GI grand round: What to do with PPI resistant GERD patients
-Work shop: percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for placement of feeding tube. Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP with papillotomy, stone extraction from CBD, endoscopic pancreatic pseudocyst drainage, how to reach the cecum with difficult colonoscopy intubation, BLS and ACLS.

  Organizer, moderator and speaker, two week CME courses at Mashhad, Tabriz and Shiraz medical schools in Iran
-General grand round: Colorectal cancer risk factors, prevention and state of the art screening
-GI grand round: Use of chromoendoscopy, and high magnification endoscopy in Barrett’s esophagitis and chronic ulcerative colitis to detect dysplasia
-Work shop: percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for placement of feeding tube. Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP with papillotomy, stone extraction from CBD, endoscopic pancreatic pseudocyst drainage, how to reach the cecum with difficult colonoscopy intubations, ACLS and BLS.

  Organizer, Moderator and speaker of two weeks CME course at Mashhad and Tabriz , Shiraz and Isfahan University Medical Schools in Iran
-General grand round: Nonulcer dyspepsia and functional upper GI disorders
-GI grand round: Autoimmune pancreatitis case presentation and discussion
-GI grand round: Video capsule enteroscopy, indications, technique and case presentation.
-Workshop: percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for placement of feeding tube. Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP with papilotomy, stone extraction from CBD, endoscopic mucosal resction of gastric carcinoid tumors and dysplastic Barrett’s, cecum and terminal ileum intubation with difficult colonoscopy, ACLS and BLS.

  Organizer, moderator and speaker of a three weeks CME course at Mashhad, Shahid Beheshti, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman and Kashan medical schools in Iran
-General grand round: Hospice, organization, indications and benefits
-GI grand round: Where are we with endoscopic treatment of GERD?
-GI grand round: Narrow band imaging; high definition; magnification endoscopy
-GI grand round: use of Impedance 24 hour pH monitoring in GERD
-Workshops: workshops for Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) of superficial gi malignancies, stent placement for beningn and malignant GI strictures, Impedance esophageal Manometry and pH studies, endoscopic band ligation of esophageal varices and hemorrhoids, ERCP, papillotomy and stent placement, colonoscopic removal of large polyps, use of Nd Yag laser and argon plasma coagulators and videocapsule enteroscopy . Formal ACLS training courses for anesthesiologists, ER physicians, and ICU nurses in several Iranian medical schools in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 during CME courses. In 2005 and 2006 ACLS training was offered to interns and residents in medicine and surgery in Mashhad university medical school. I have taught the same endoscopic techniques in training GI fellows from BU and BWH rotating thru Boston VA hospital systems in Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury

  Updates in Gastroenterology, part of monthly medical department meetings, at the Caritas Norwood Hospital covering the following subjects:
Drug induced hepatotoxicity, advances in treatment of hepatitis B and C, probiotics and non-absorbable antibiotics, NSAIDs and GI tract, video capsule enteroscopy, the new more virulent C. difficile, serologic markers in IBD and bacterial overgrowth related IBS

  Organizer, speaker and moderator of a 3 week CME Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan, Shahre Kord Medical Schools, Iran, general grand round functional GI disorders, specialized grand round Barrett's esophagus definition and treatment

  Two weeks CME seminars in Shahid Beheshti, Tabriz, Arak, and Kermanshah medical schools in Iran

  Two weeks CME seminars, lectures, hands on work shops at the Zahedan, Kashan, Kermanshah med schools. Instrumental in establishing the first chronic wound clinic in Zanjan, Iran

  10 days medical seminars at the Kashan, zanjan medical schools

  Organizer, lecturer 1 week CME seminar at Zahedan and Zabol Medical Schools, general lecture IBS, specialized lecture Eosinophilic Esophagitis, workshop ERCP and pancreatic pseudocyst drainage

Please see reports for details of the CME meetings in medical universities of Iran

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Other Published Material - Newspaper Articles, Magazine article, and audiovisual materials  
Author of multiple health related articles promoting Norwood hospital, in several local newspapers including Boston Globe magazine, Patriot Ledger, Daily Transcript, Attleboro Sun Chronicle, etc. Also featured on Channel 5 1986 about innovations in Endoscopy  
Other Published Material - Nonprint Materials:  
Farivar, M: Endoscopic Feeding Gastrostomy, Indications & Techniques. Teaching Videotape, submitted to ASGE teaching files. 1981  
  Web Based:  
- 2006 Gastroenterology Online Specialist Director for Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare  
1996, dedicated to teaching patients and physicians about GERD (replaced by as of 2013)  






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